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The Ultimate Urinal Deodorizer- The Wave


The Wave urinal deodorizer is a pleasantly scented, brightly colored urinal screen. The Wave utilizes patented technology to deliver 30 days of air freshener/deodorizer to your restrooms.

The Wave is available in packs of 10 from Waterless-experts.com in Spiced Apple (40210075), Herbal Mint (40210077), and Mango (40210070) scents.

The Wave is ideal for all types of flushing Urinal Systems including low consumption, standard consumption, sensor activated, etc.

The Wave is not suitable for waterless urinal systems that have an enzymatic block or sealant since the chemicals in the Wave deodorizer can react to the enzymes/sealant and shorten the life of the urinal cartridges. Examples of these systems include Purleve (ZeroFlush), Waterless® Brand, Sloan, etc.

For more information, including MSDS Sheets, contact us today!

Don’t have a urinal, but want some anyway. Don’t worry, we can think of other uses for these wonderfully scented urinal screens. I have heard of people using them as air fresheners under the seats of their cars. Not sure I would try this since it might melt here in the Deep South. They are thin and flat, so I can see using them at the top of a closet or inside your trash can to give those often stale or smelly locations a refreshing boost. Can you think of another good place to put one of these deodorizers?

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